Connections Transportation has been providing Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas with Chauffeured Transportation since 1993. Specializing in Corporate Transportation and group events is what we strive and focus on. While we specialize in Corporate Transportation, we provide Chauffeured Transportation to many other events such as Weddings, Family Reunions, Birthdays, Sporting Events, and anything else you can think of! Want to take your child and his/ her friends to a movie and can’t figure out how to get them all there with one vehicle without breaking the bank? Chauffeured Transportation through Connections Transportation is the route to go. Our drivers have all gone through a complete life long background check including their driving record. So you can feel safe about having your little ones behind the wheel of someone else. Have a wedding coming up and need to move your guest from the hotel to the wedding location or have events planned before the wedding and after as well? Chauffeured Transportation is by far the smartest way to go, it keeps everyone safe and makes sure everyone gets where they need to be on time! The two words Chauffeured Transportation combined have always automatically made people think “Expensive”, but believe it or not it actually isn’t. Many people say we will just catch a cab, and half the time the cab doesn’t know where they are going or one cab shows up and the other doesn’t show up on time for the rest of your group which leaves you separated and the other half just standing around waiting. Or by the time everyone pays for multiple cabs they end up paying more than they would have using Chauffeured Transportation. Connections Transportation will help you figure out the best way to get your needs accomplished. We will help you size the appropriate vehicle based on your needs and time frames, etc. Chauffeured Transportation is what we specialize in, so why not let the pros handle the headache for you? Have a Corporate meeting coming up and need to get your clients/ employees from the airport to their hotel? We can help with that as well! You give us the arrival information and times for your group and we will group the arrivals and vehicles based on when they arrive. We track and monitor all inbound flights so you can be sure there will always be a vehicle waiting for them when they land. What about once your group has arrived and is situated? How will they get from the hotel to the company or team building events/ dinners? Allow Connections Transportation to provide Chauffeured Transportation for all of your moves. Connections Transportation offers Chauffeured Transportation with a wide variety of fleet consisting of Lincoln Towncar Sedans, Lincoln Navigator L SUV’s, Chevy Suburban SUV’s, Ford Passenger Vans, Ford 15 Passenger Transits, 23 Passenger Mini Buses, 35 Passenger Executive Mini Bus, and Motor Coaches. Connections Transportation offers many ways to schedule one pickup or multiple pickups which you can do by emailing us, calling, making your own reservations online on the site which allows you to create an account and receive a confirmation number, or through our contact us submission. Pre-arranging is always the best way to go this way it is one less thing you have to worry about, and you know for sure you will have a vehicle when you need it! All of us at Connections Transportation look forward to gaining your business and not only gain your business, but build a lasting relationship for years to come!

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