Connections Transportation has been serving the Charlotte and surrounding areas since 1991. While our primary focus is on Corporate Transportation, it doesn’t mean that we turn away from event transportation. We do everything and anything when it comes to chauffeured transportation whether it is moving 1 person to moving 100’s of people. Event transportation is what we enjoy doing, knowing that we are part of your family and or business’s journey makes the work worth it! Have a family gathering such as a family reunion or wedding? Having a child baptized and want everyone there but don’t know how to get them there? Let Connections Transportation help out with your event. We provide transportation to and from the Charlotte Douglas International Airport to all hotels / resorts located in North & South Carolina as well as companies and personal homes. As long as our 4 wheels and in some cases more than 4 which would be buses can get to the location we are there and happy to do it! Business’s bringing in staff for training and need to get out a bit? Have Connections take your group to an event such as a Hornets basketball game or a Charlotte Checkers Hockey game we provide transportation to all events that take place including the Panthers Football games and many other events. While Charlotte is booming in construction and growth, the amount of events that are taking place here are also booming! Most people are just focused on getting the people to the location of an event; one thing they tend to forget is safety! Allowing Connections Transportation to take your group to an event keeps everyone together but also keeps them safe. Why would you want to risk your staff driving a rental car to an event that the company is giving an open bar to? That just screams trouble, allow Connections to take your group to the event and take the worry off of your shoulders! How about family gatherings taking place? Gatherings like weddings, reunions, holiday tours, NASCAR races, concerts, etc… We are here to help in every step of the way, we will help decided what vehicles to use based on the number of guests and at what time they need to be at the event. We would rather you use what is needed than to over book and feel like you lost out on the deal! We can greet your passengers at the airport and track all flights coming in, assist them with where luggage will arrive and make sure they are brought to their destination safely. No group is too small, are you traveling alone and going to an event to meet someone? Let Connections take you and bring you back home so you don’t have to worry about driving back and paying for parking. We provide point to point which would be a pickup and drop off and or a return of the same at a later time. We also provide hourly services where the vehicle and the chauffeur stay with you and your group, which could be tailgating at a race or a concert or even before the football game! We have a healthy sized fleet and are ready to take you wherever it is you need! We use our many years of expertise to combine our chauffeurs and our vehicles to make a wonderful ride for you! No ride is too small, no group is too small, no event is too small, we handle it all! Our fleet is comprised of 3 Passenger Lincoln Towncars, 3 Passengers Cadillac XTS’s, 6 Passenger Lincoln Navigator L’s and Chevy Suburban’s, 14 Passenger Ford Vans as well as the new 2016 Ford Transit which allows 14 people to stand up no problem and have their own seat within the vehicle. Our fleet is also comprised of 23 Passenger Busses, 35 Passenger Executive Mini Bus, and of course the 57 Passenger Motorcoach! We offer many ways for you to make a reservation; whatever is easy for you is easy for us! Book a reservation online yourself and receive a confirmation number, and even better if you create an account you can track your history with Connections. Send us an email and this way you speak with someone personally and have a chain of communication to have a record of. Submit a reservation through the form submission on our website and it tells you everything we need and last but not least, give us a call it never hurts to hear someone on the other end! Connections Transportation looks forward to providing safe and reliable chauffeured transportation to you and your group whether it is family or business to any and all events in North & South Carolina!

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