Connections Transportation Inc. has many choices when it comes to the types of vehicles you want. Whether it be a Limo, SUV, Towncar, Van, Bus and the list goes on. We provide Chauffeured Transportation not only in Charlotte, but in all surrounding areas as well. Have a concert to attend and don’t want to have to worry about driving to the venue and then looking for parking only to find out that they only accept cash and then have to find another place that accepts credit cards? On top of that, you then have to walk to the venue rain or shine! Have Connections take you and your family or friends or colleagues anywhere you like. Don’t let the word “Limo” scare you and make you think the prices are automatically going to be much higher than a taxi, most often we are right at the same price or lower depending on what exactly you are needing. While other companies charge based on mileage and how many passengers you’ve got as well as going off of a meter we charge a flat rate. Why would you charge for the second and third person when the vehicle already holds three? While we are considered a limo or limousine service, we do much more than that! Many people refer to a Lincoln Towncar as a “Limo” and this is simply because it is the icon for black car service business. Don’t get confused or caught up with the word and settle for less! Have a smaller group that doesn’t really need a limo and want’s to get in and out quickly use one of our Suburbans or Navigators. Have a larger group or want to tailgate why not use one of our vans and enjoy the whole back end for your items since we can remove the seat for you! Or if you are planning a family reunion and or business meeting, use our larger buses / motor coach vehicles. Want to go on wine tour? Gather a group and take off on our Executive Bus so you and your group can sit back and relax in style going down the highway! Wouldn’t you rather know that your driver knows where they are going and that they have passed all required drug screening / background checks / and carry all permits necessary to drive rather than just jump into an unmarked vehicle that your phone app has requested? You need to know that you are safe and taken care of when it comes to Limo Service/ Chauffeured Transportation and be able to contact someone in case something was to happen. Perfect example, we had a person call us asking us to pick them up because they had gone out and used a well known car service that works from their phone App. Well they had the driver take them to the parking deck they parked their vehicle at and the driver of course took off. The passenger left their car keys and wallet in the back seat of that vehicle. Since they were using their App they didn’t need their credit card and it didn’t remind them to check for their wallet. They couldn’t get a hold of that car service because there simply is no one to call if something were to happen. This was at 3 o’clock in the morning and it was a female, if she had used our services she would have had a phone number to call and a human to answer. More than likely though she would have had our drivers phone # and would have been able to call him immediately. Our drivers would have taken the lady to her vehicle and stayed with her to verify it starts prior to leaving to ensure she is safe! When it comes to Limo / Chauffeured Transportation give Connections Transportation a call or reach out on our website, or even email and we will be glad to provide you with outstanding Limo / Chauffeured service! We look forward to seeing you soon!