Choose Connections for any and all of your college transportation needs. Need to make it to an important exam at UNC Charlotte, but your car broke down? Trying to get to an important social event at Wingate?  Simply want to have a dependable ride to and from a college party?  There’s no request too big or too small. Schedule with us quickly, accurately and hassle-free: Just fill in point A, point B and a few other fields and we’ll immediately offer you a quote for the time you choose, which you may accept or decline.

Booking your transportation needs with Connections is fast, easy and simple. College is expensive and stressful enough as it is. We understand the concerns associated with transportation at any university. Connections has experience and has been in the chaos of the first day of class for a new semester on a college campus. For any transportation need at any of the colleges in our area, we are ready and available to meet your needs.

Transportation for college students is often overlooked and only becomes an issue once it’s too late. Our knowledge of how local colleges and universities have mapped out their campus is what helps us get your student to and from class. We understand that you have an exam at a specific time and by being just a few minutes late you could fail an important course simply because your normal means of transportation is no longer an option. We have seen it before, we know how colleges and universities operate because we’ve been in your position before. Fortunately, we are here to help you get to your specific drop-off point you designate and pick you up exactly when you notify us to do so. Quit walking 2 miles from a parking deck full of thousands of other students only to arrive late, rely on us and you’ll get where you need to be exactly when you need to get there.

Another big aspect of college are the social gatherings. Sporting events such as football, basketball, soccer, baseball, etc. are all part of the college experience. When it comes to social gatherings at the collegiate level, let it be understood, it is important to always have a designated driver. We can be available anytime to be your designated driver on a pre-scheduled basis and take the risk out of your hands. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of our college student transportation services. The designated driver aspect is one that many people don’t even realize is probably one of the most important. Rather than risking yours / and other peoples safety by attending a college party, let us pick you up. Not only will this help alleviate you and your parent’s concerns, but also you’ll arrive and depart in style. If you have any questions regarding our college student transportation, contact us, or book now!