Tips for Choosing an Airport Shuttle

You’ve just finished packing your bags, booking your flight, reserving your hotel and mapping out your itinerary. It’s time to fly! But, how do you get yourself, your travel buddies and your luggage to the airport on time? How do you get your group to the hotel after you land? Choosing the right shuttle can make, or break, your trip. Here are some tips to help you pick out the best airport shuttle for your better adventure!

Reputation Matters

Most cities offer a variety of airport shuttle companies. However, not all companies are equal. Some are timelier than others, others have more courteous drivers, and some have more comfortable rides that can better accommodate you and your groups’ needs. Here at Connections Transportation, we meet all of our described needs!

Just like with other companies, reputation matters, and, just like other companies, the best way to determine someone’s reputation is by their years of service and word of mouth. Additionally, make sure the shuttle service has the proper credentials and licensing to operate in your location. You should also opt for shuttle services that employ the best chauffeurs who always operate with the proper licensing and credentials.

Choose the Right Size

Pick out the right sized airport shuttle for your group’s needs and wants by choosing the appropriate vehicle from Connections Transportation’s fleet. Have a small group wanting to relax? Go for the luxury sedan. Have a larger group, or maybe a small group with lots of luggage? Go for an SUV. Or maybe you have a mid to large sized group that is needing transportation for dinner outings, company/team building events or airport arrivals. If so you can use Connections Transportation buses to get your group from point A to point B.

Choose a Timely Service

Sometimes travel plans change, that’s just a fact of life. Whether its due to inclement weather or some other unforeseen situation that causes your flight to get off schedule. Whatever may happen, you want to make sure that your airport shuttle is always ready and waiting for your arrival. Some services can track your flight to make sure they’re waiting for you before you arrive. Whether that be earlier, or later than expected. This can not only relieve stress if your flight schedule gets changed around, but it can also provide you with peace of mind.

Book with Connections Transportation for all your Airport Shuttle Needs

Selecting the best possible airport shuttle to meet your needs can be easily done with a bit of research, proper planning, and a few thoughtful questions. When you want a shuttle service that’s always fully licensed and committed to getting you where you want when you need to be there, book ahead of time with Connections Transportation for all of your Shuttling needs!